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In present time, when people prefer to surf websites rather than showrooms and shopping malls, an eCommerce Website has become an unavoidable tool to take your business to a greater height. No company can think of accelerating their business without targeting their online customers. So, you need a user-friendly website which is beautifully designed showcasing all your products in a systematic manner with convenient payment options to buy them online. An online business platform allows you to reach beyond the domestic and national customers boosting your business reach. Besides, it is really convenient way for customers as well as buying product is just a matter of few click for them. The more user-friendly and credible your website is, the more your business grows.

There are several open source eCommerce platforms such as OSCommerce, OpenCart, Spree, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, Ubercart, Zeuscart, Afcommerce, etc., and people tend to get confuse to select the best out of them. Once you decide to host an eCommerce website, the real trouble starts, especially for those who are not aware of the advantages of Magento eCommerce development.

Magento is the best open source eCommerce website publishing platform that not only allows you to showcase your products but also provide you an opportunity to stay ahead in competition by enhancing a range of plugins and [WWW]prestashop modules necessary to attract your customers. You can run website on any platform, but if you are not able to develop the websites, it is useless. So, eCommerce Website Development becomes first priority for you and this is when Magneto comes into the picture. By implanting proper eCommerce Website Development techniques, you can convert your Magento site into a full-fledged eCommerce web application.

The Liberty Reserve Payment System: It's worth a shot!As many Internet marketers know, the payment processor you use in your business sometimes depends on the king of success you achieve in your business. PayPal and credit cards are now considered the best payment processors on the Internet today but both don't have a global reach. PayPal does not accept a host of countries in their businesses. In America, Canada and Europe, their normal ATM cards offered by their respective Banks do act as debit and credit cards and are accepted by websites, what of Africa and some parts of Asia. LR has a global reach more than all these stuffs; it is the most globally accepted payment system with a great secure login system. Liberty Reserve account is a lot easy to create, it's a lot easy to fund. LR. is a simple but secure payment process which uses LR-Dollar, LR-Eur and LR-Gold (LR stands for Liberty Reserve)

Their secure login system involves an account number that starts with U and then a seven digit number i.e. Uxxxxxxx. Following is you password, a login pin and a master key all for logging in, changing account details, executing transactions and lots more. LR has a great payment button generation system that helps merchants create payment buttons for their products. They also have an IP verification system, which doesn't let you login in case your account tries to get accessed from an IP different from the initial IP which you used to create your account, they send a code to your email in case you are the one logging in. They have an e-Wallet system that makes payment a lot easier. They have a lot of uncountable features like their Liberty Guard anti phishing plugin for Mozilla and Mozilla platform based web browsers, this plugin turns detects if you are really on the LR website.

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